Oct 9, 2007

Ernesto Che Guevara, a martyr who was not aware of the illuminati - revealed worldwide first

Che Guevara murdered: Castro's role: FULL STORY
The main illuminati weapons are neither nuclear nor chemical (the real ultimate literal) bombs, but rather humans: infiltrators.

Revealed first by Last Prophet Matt, 2007:

The Last Days of Che Guevara - documentary (2006)By french director Arnaud Hamelin , with interviews with almost all the major players who are still alive:
- members of the guerrilleros, the man who deserted the bolivian army to denounce the true story of his death: Che Guevara did not fall in combat but was murdered after being injured following orders of the White House.
- the photographer who shot the photos of the dead icon, Siro Bustos, one of the two agents sent by Fidel Castro to help the CIA eliminate Che Guevara.
Note: the other was frenchman Regis Debray, the killer that Fidel Castro made Che Guevara believe to be a "comrade", see below.
Che Guevara - The missing pieces in the puzzle
Soviet Union
At the time of the popular uprising in Cuba the Soviet Union was again (same as at the start, under "Lenin") controlled by the illuminati.
After the illuminati murdered JFK: illuminati were able to play the "cold war" illuminati theater at will, alias "USA v Soviet Union".

Castro's role
Illuminati agent Fidel Castro gave the required credibility to french illuminati agent Regis Debray, who was sent to Bolivia with the mission to put an end to the legend of Ernesto Che Guevara.
The same Castro who, after Che was murdered, played the leading role in serving Che Guevara as an illuminati icon.

Where and why Che Guevara failed
Che Guevara was a martyr who failed to get the role of Fidel Castro in the plot of his murder.
The reason is the same as why his memory failed to challenge the illuminati matrix.
To start with: Che failed to realize that Marxism, the "god" he died for, was a product of the very same illuminati who murdered him.

Why Che Guevara would not be able to challenge the matrix in ANY case
If Che had got it he would have been murdered much earlier, while still in Cuba, directly by his "comrade".
And who would be able to echo it to the global audience?
All you need to answer the question is what was the status of the illuminati matrix in 1959, at the time Fidel Castro became Cuba's leader.

These are the key facts required to understand the death of Che in Bolivia, as stated by someone not aware that Castro was a treasonous illuminati agent:
1962: Che and Fidel shared their suspicions of the Soviet Union. But there were other influences on Fidel, particularly his brother Raúl who was close to the Communists.
For Che it was clear that an escape from sugar dependency was the indispensable precondition for political independence from the Soviet bloc, towards which his attitude was becoming increasingly critical.
'Against Bureaucratism' (February 1963) was a thinly veiled attack on the new bureaucracy which had grown up under the patronage of the increasingly influential Soviet economic advisers.
The debate about the economy that erupted in mid-1963 was a consequence of Che Guevara understanding that the Soviet Union leaders should not be trusted.
The argument took place against a background of deepening economic integration with the Eastern bloc and a consequent shift in the political balance within Cuba itself.
And this was one of the major sources of the growing rift between Che and Fidel.
By mid-1965 Che Guevara had resigned all his government posts and left Cuba.
Che's articles and speeches return again and again to his recognition that the revolution could only survive if Cuba could break out of its economic straitjacket.
His initial hope that the Eastern bloc would assist Cuba in the enterprise turned quickly to disillusionment as it became clear that it would not play that role.
Che's last speech, in Algiers in February 1965, was an explicit and frontal attack on the Soviet Union for its lack of internationalism and its cynical manipulation of the Cuban Revolution - but it was only the last in a series of increasingly angry discussions of the same issue.
Fidel Castro for his part had clearly accepted that relationship without conditions - he had become an instrument of that manipulation.
Che's letter of resignation, written in 1964, was not made public until 1967.

Illuminati matrix - basics, including evolution

Fidel Castro "living legend for an anti-imperialist anti-capitalistic champion":
A parody of the milestone where Castro shared a leading role with an actor casted in 1953 in a KEY role that was assigned again only to the impersonator of murdered Putin.
I obviously don't mean the role of fake Putin in this remake:

Adolf Hitler's birthday: Stalin's murder 3333 v Trump's inauguration 6666 weeks
Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin: contrast it with Castro / Che Guevara

what Last Prophet exposed worldwide first survived in this 2008 page from webarchive
Detail: in 2007 Last Prophet was not yet aware that Fidel Castro was an illuminati agent not only at the time that he played a key role in the murder of Che Guevara but in fact from the beginning.

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